18 Feb 2014

Lovely Me:EX Make Up Base Review

Lovely ME:EX Make Up Base is a product by The Face Shop, and comes in two colours: green (1) and violet (2). I bought both, for about $5 each, from Sing_Sing_Girl on Ebay. I have only used the green so far, which helps reduce redness in my skin. I bought the purple in the hopes of mixing it with foundations that are too yellow/orange for me, but haven't tried that yet.


The use-by-date on the green one

The use-by-date on the violet one

The back of the tubes, green on the bottom. I can't read them.


For the price, it's fairly okay. It looks good, but it's not incredibly long lasting. I wore it for several hours over dinner, and when I got home my foundation was still on a little. However, the pink of my cheeks (not blush) was showing through, going a fair way lower then where I usually apply blush. It had also seemed to come off my nose. I wonder if I can combine primers to make it longer lasting, but still green?


Several hours later:

Video Review: