30 Mar 2014

LoL Frace Lipstick in Think Pink and BOE Beauty Jumbo Wind Up Lips Review

 BOE Beauty is a brand that I believe is exclusively sold by Big W, with products costing between $2 and $3 AUD. LOL is a brand sold by but is independent to Kmart, with prices between $1-$3. The lip products I am reviewing today are LOL Lipstick in Think Pink and BOE Beauty Jumbo Wind Up Lips in an unlabeled nude shade and 24 Knockout Red.
The second swatch from the left of the picture is the nude shade of BOE, and the third swatch is LOL Lipstick in Think Pink.

The first swatch from the left of the picture is the red shade (24 Knockout Red) of BOE Beauty Jumbo Wind Up Lips.

The red tube of BOE Beauty Jumbo Wind Up Lips has a label on it that specifies the colour as 24 Knockout Red, however the tube of the nude shade is missing this sticker. The sticker has the barcode on it, and on the Knockout Red I notice that the sticker prevents the tube from winding. It's possible I took this off myself after buying it, or it was stuck to the outside of the plastic wrap on the nude tube. Either way there is not a great range of colours (I believe I have only seen three) and the nude shade is fairly true to the color of the tube.

Both lipsticks are completely odor free and don't have a noticeable taste in my opinion. Both are a plus to me, because scents and flavors for lip products tend to be very touch and go. The back of the tubes list the address of BOE Beauty as being on Woolworths Way, which indicates that BOE is most likely a subsidy of Woolworths (who also own Big W). While the brand has an Australian address, the product was made in China.

The net weight of the products is listed as 2.5g. There is a symbol that appears to be a round container with a lid floating above it at an angle and has 12 M inside it. This is on both products. The cost me $2 each, if I remember right. The products are not available on the Big W Website, so it appears you can only buy them in store.

The nude shade of BOE Beauty Jumbo Wind Up Lips
BOE Beauty Jumbo Wind Up Lips in #24 Knockout Red

The silver part of the tube is the winding part, and as you can see the sticker is badly placed.

The listed ingredients are obsured by the sticker as well, but are listed on the other tube (and appear to be the same): Paraffinum Liquidum, Synthetic Wax, Petrolatum, Copemicia Cenfera (Camauba) Cera, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceide, Ceresin, Butyrospermum, Parkil Oil, Polybutene, Tocopheryl Acetate, Propylparaben, BHT, May Contain: CI 15850, CI 77491, CI 77891, CI 77492, CI 77499.

 LOL lipstick cost me $1, if I remember right. It has somewhat of a candy smell, which I don't mind too much but could live without as it is quite strong. Kmart does not have a makeup section on their website, but LOL cosmetics have a website and a Facebook page. The website specifies that they don't believe in animal testing, so that's good. Think Pink (#05) is one of ten shades. It appears to be a French brand (small writing on the back of the tube list the brand as LOL France, and lists an address in Lyon), however it also says the product is made in P.R.C. The lipstick is 3g and has the same round container logo as mentioned for the BOE lipsticks above.

Ingredients are listed on the back as: Paraffinum Liquidum, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Cera Alba, Titanium Dioxide, Cera Camauba, Microcristallina Cera, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Parfum. May Contain: CI 77499, CI 42090, CI45410, CI 77491.

Here are the three lipsticks on my lips (I have quite pale cool skin)

The nude shade of BOE Beauty Jumbo Wind Up Lips
 This is a pink-toned nude. Few nude lipsticks suit my skin tone, but this one does.

BOE Beauty Jumbo Wind Up Lips in #24 Knockout Red

 Knockout Red is a nice pink-toned red. It is fairly sheer.

LOL Lipstick in #05 Think Pink
 Think Pink is a nice, fairly light, purple-toned pink. I love this shade. This is a little sheer, but not as sheer as Knockout Red.

The major plus of these three lipsticks is that I love all three shades (particularly the nude and Think Pink) and they are very cheap - especially compared to the general prices of cosmetics in Australia. They are not the most long-lasting lip products I've used (they don't claim to be either), but you can increase longevity by using lip liner. Also, they are pretty easy to reapply and don't stain in a horrible way as far as I've noticed.

LOL Think Pink lasted on my lips for over an hour with clear lip liner, although I'm still unconvinced by this particular lip liner doing anything, but that only speaks well for the lipstick. It didn't look bad as it faded and didn't stain badly. Drinking a coffee did take it right off, but it's easy to reapply and to carry in your purse.

Knockout Red lasted for an hour or two before fading into a nice dark pink stain. Again, it's easy to reapply. The nude colour lasted about the same amount of time and quietly faded away without staining.

Knockout Red appears to be the sheerest shade of the three, while the nude BOE shade is the most opaque. I tend to judge sheerness/opacity of lip products by their ability to conceal the scar on my lip. It's not visible in the above pictures, but I could see it in the mirror when I swatched Knockout Red and Think Pink. It was barely visible under the nude shade.

25 Mar 2014

Lipstick Swatches Part 1

Left-right: Lacura Beauty Anti Aging Slim Lipstick; BOE Beauty Jumbo Wind Up Lips; LOL Lipsick in Number 5 Think Pink; Color By TBN in 874 I Don't Kiss & Tell; and Color By TBN in 870 Our First Kiss.

Left-right: Lacura Beauty Anti Aging Slim Lipstick; BOE Beauty Jumbo Wind Up Lips; LOL Lipsick in Number 5 Think Pink; Color By TBN in 874 I Don't Kiss & Tell; and Color By TBN in 870 Our First Kiss.

Left-right: Lacura Beauty Anti Aging Slim Lipstick; BOE Beauty Jumbo Wind Up Lips; LOL Lipsick in Number 5 Think Pink; Color By TBN in 874 I Don't Kiss & Tell; and Color By TBN in 870 Our First Kiss.
I'll add links under the pictures below when I have reviewed the respective lipsticks. If you want a particular one reviewed first, let me know :)

Lacura Beauty Anti Aging Lipstick

BOE Beauty Jumbo Wind Up Lips

(I reviewed this lipstick here)

 LOL Lipstick in Number 5 Think Pink

Color By TBN in 874 I Don't Kiss & Tell
Color By TBN in 870 Our First Kiss

Lacura Beauty Anti Aging Listick
Lacura Beauty Anti Aging Listick

BOE Beauty Jumbo Wind Up Lips

LOL Lipstick in 05 Think Pink
LOL Lipstick in 05 Think Pink

Color By TBN in 874 I Don't Kiss & Tell

Color By TBN in 874 I Don't Kiss & Tell

Color By TBN in 870 Our First Kiss

Color By TBN in 870 Our First Kiss

24 Mar 2014

Lacura Beauty Anti Aging Slim Lipstick from Aldi Review

Lacura Beauty Anti-Aging Lipstick is a brand sold by Aldi Supermarket. The one I bought is a light pink lipstick that smells like strawberry shortcake.

The first swatch on the left.
 The lipstick is not incredibly long lasting, but it is soft and it is easy to reapply. It doesn't stick in the lines of the lips, or stain, and it doesn't look horrible as it fades off. For the $2 I spent, I'm pretty happy. It's moderately pigmented and isn't sticky.

There is no colour name on the tube. It is a red tube, with a light pink ring half way along, separating the lid from the tube. The box it came in may have specified a name, but I don't have it anymore.

11 Mar 2014

Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Liner in 15 Bloody Devil Review

So to start off, I love this colour. It's a dark slightly-brownie red with a brighter red glitter in it.

This photo isn't as good, but shows the glitter a bit better

I love how it brings out my blue eyes, but doesn't make me look sick which red eyeliner can easily do. I'm really in love with this.

 There is both English and Korean on the packet:

The front of the packet

The back

English ingredient list
I think this is the Korean ingredient list, but I can't read it so I don't know.
So I'll go through the claims on the packet and how well it hold up to them. First, is that it's retractable -which it is. It also comes with a little sort of sharpener in the end of the pencil to make the eyeliner tip a point again once it's worn down. I think that's pretty neat. I'm very happy that it's retractable - what is with plastic eye/lip pencils and crayons that you have to sharpen? It always feels like I'm doing something wrong trying to sharpen them, but there is no other way to get to the rest of the product. *sigh*

Sharpener thing in the end of the pencil

The next claim is two claims that seem to be the same thing or at least quite related: "sliding gel texture" and "creamy and melting formula". These seem fairly accurate. It doesn't feel like your normal eye pencil - it felt very creamy but not wet like a liquid liner. It also claims to "glide on smoothly", which it does. Very smoothly. More smoothly then any pencil I've used.

Next is the claim that it "gives a high-defined eye line". I don't know if it's just me, but the first eye went on easily and fantastically. The wing was perfect. However, it blunted pretty quickly, and while the line on the other eye was equally straight, I couldn't get the wing right. It felt like it wasn't quite as "high-defining" as it was at first. This may be because I'm not sure how to use the sharpener, and because I don't have a lot of practice doing winged eyeliner. I can never get both eyes right. However, the first eye was the best wing I've ever done and much easier than other liners I've tried - and by far the easiest it's ever been for me with a pencil. So it's still a major win.

The Claims

The last two claims are that it is waterproof and that it "stays on all day long without smudge". Yesterday after I got it in the mail, I drew a line on my hand to test out the colour. It was still there hours and hours later (I went down to pick it up after lunch, and it was still on after dinner) even after washing my hands with soap multiple times. It only started to come off at all after dinner when I was washing the dishes in hot water with dish washing detergent. It was still on, but had faded, after I rubbed my hand under the water before letting the water run out. There was also no glitter other than on the line where it started even after hours and washing my hands.

I also tend to rub my eyes, and today none of the colour has come off or smudged. I put it on sometime between 2 and 3pm, and it's almost 7:30. It was also raining a little today when I went outside. There is a little glitter below my eyes if I look closely, but I think that's from trying to fix my wings earlier and not from migration. It's still all in the right place as well, and isn't too noticeable.

The only difficulty with the long lasting nature was that it was hard to fix my mistakes. I used cleansing wipes, in my hurry, and it left redness and glitter behind.  Using my Nivea Daily Essentials makeup remover now, there is still some eyeliner on my hand after wiping it across four times. Continuing to rub gently it did come off, but it seems like it would not be easy to fix on the face even when using proper makeup remover. So with this in mind, I'll do my eye makeup on before my foundation so that it's a bit easier.

Overall:  This product is fantastic, looks fantastic with blue eyes, and does everything it says it does! 10/10!

BRTC Jasmie Water BB Cream Review

I thought I'd try this sample first, as the SPF30 caught my eye. For day wear, SPF30 sounds amazing in a BB cream.

So, I first swatched it on my hand next to my current BB cream and foundation - Missha M Vita Matte BB cream and Covergirl trublend in shade 1/405. Covergirl is at the top, Missha in the middle, and BRTC closest to the wrist.

Covergirl at the top, then Missha M, then BRTC at the bottom.

BRTC at the wrist, Missha M in the middle, and Covergirl near the nuckles.

BRTC at the wrist, Missha M in the middle, and Covergirl near the nuckles

With half my face done, coverage seems pretty good for a BB cream, and it seems a good match for my skin. It's not perfect coverage, but it's enough to wear alone in my opinion.

BB cream on the right side of my face, Primer only on the left.
When doing the rest of my makeup, I applied powder over the top of the BB cream, as it was a little too oily for me. I have oily skin, and I live in the tropics (we can get 80%+ humidity), so while I'd probably be okay with wearing it alone somewhere dryer, say Sydney or Adelaide, here it was a bit much - especially because I knew I'd be covered in sweat the moment I walked out the door. That being said, it was way less oily than my Covergirl foundation, so don't be afraid to try it solely because I found it oily.

Okay, so a few hours later and the BB cream is still on. It's lasted better than my normal two, however it was a lot cooler today so I didn't feel like I was sweating at all. It also survived very light rain. However, it did come off my nose somewhat where my glasses were. It's hard to say if it was the weather or not when comparing it, but it's certainly no worse then my current BB cream.

Right after I finished my makeup

2-3 hours later