24 Mar 2014

Lacura Beauty Anti Aging Slim Lipstick from Aldi Review

Lacura Beauty Anti-Aging Lipstick is a brand sold by Aldi Supermarket. The one I bought is a light pink lipstick that smells like strawberry shortcake.

The first swatch on the left.
 The lipstick is not incredibly long lasting, but it is soft and it is easy to reapply. It doesn't stick in the lines of the lips, or stain, and it doesn't look horrible as it fades off. For the $2 I spent, I'm pretty happy. It's moderately pigmented and isn't sticky.

There is no colour name on the tube. It is a red tube, with a light pink ring half way along, separating the lid from the tube. The box it came in may have specified a name, but I don't have it anymore.

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