11 Mar 2014

BRTC Jasmie Water BB Cream Review

I thought I'd try this sample first, as the SPF30 caught my eye. For day wear, SPF30 sounds amazing in a BB cream.

So, I first swatched it on my hand next to my current BB cream and foundation - Missha M Vita Matte BB cream and Covergirl trublend in shade 1/405. Covergirl is at the top, Missha in the middle, and BRTC closest to the wrist.

Covergirl at the top, then Missha M, then BRTC at the bottom.

BRTC at the wrist, Missha M in the middle, and Covergirl near the nuckles.

BRTC at the wrist, Missha M in the middle, and Covergirl near the nuckles

With half my face done, coverage seems pretty good for a BB cream, and it seems a good match for my skin. It's not perfect coverage, but it's enough to wear alone in my opinion.

BB cream on the right side of my face, Primer only on the left.
When doing the rest of my makeup, I applied powder over the top of the BB cream, as it was a little too oily for me. I have oily skin, and I live in the tropics (we can get 80%+ humidity), so while I'd probably be okay with wearing it alone somewhere dryer, say Sydney or Adelaide, here it was a bit much - especially because I knew I'd be covered in sweat the moment I walked out the door. That being said, it was way less oily than my Covergirl foundation, so don't be afraid to try it solely because I found it oily.

Okay, so a few hours later and the BB cream is still on. It's lasted better than my normal two, however it was a lot cooler today so I didn't feel like I was sweating at all. It also survived very light rain. However, it did come off my nose somewhat where my glasses were. It's hard to say if it was the weather or not when comparing it, but it's certainly no worse then my current BB cream.

Right after I finished my makeup

2-3 hours later

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