7 Sep 2014

My Favourite Beauty Posts on Reddit this month


"MOTD featuring Kat Von D lipstick in Poe!" Posted by user "agirlnameddoom" to /r/MakeupAddiction Isn't the lipstick amazing? I love how it matches the star tattoos. The contour and eyes are also understated but really well done - a perfect match for such an eye-catching lipstick shade.

"I was feeling really pretty the other day!" Posted by user 'mmmdatass2144' to /r/MakeupAddiction. I love how she looks just like a Disney princess! Her eyebrows are amazing, and the look would be perfect with a subtle or baby pink or "my lips but better" shade of lipstick. The product list used can be found here. Also be sure to check out her instagram: @jack_n_pepsi

This is a "rock and roll" look submitted by user 'ellyrose-' to a contest hosted by 'earworms' in /r/RandomActsofMakeup. This is amazing and I adore the bright orange matte lipstick. There are more photos and "country" style look by 'ellyrose-' here, and of course other country and rock looks by other users in the comments. Regarding the lipstick, ellyrose- said: "I used one [eyeshadow] from my 252 Ultimate Palette (bh cosmetics) I used NYX Milk underneath and blended it out with my fingers and then put a bright orange with a flat eyeshadow brush :)"

"I've been bored with my usual routine and decided to switch it up with this sixties-ish inspired look." Posted by user 'rosaliezom' to /r/MakeupAddiction. This is apparently her first post, but gosh it is so absolutely amazingly perfect. I've been experimenting with this look myself, but haven't managed to do it so well. I really hope she posts a tutorial. There are more photos included in the post, so be sure to check them out! Also, the product list can be found here. You should also be sure to check out her tumblr: rosedoesstuff.tumblr.com

"Blue Mermaid." Posted by user 'throw_meaway_love' to /r/MakeupAddiction. There is also another look using blue eyeshadow that is also really nice, and product lists included in the post. I absolutely love this eyeshadow look, and both looks actually inspired me to experiment with blue eyeshadow. The lipstick reminds me of Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick in Grunge (which I love and can be found in BigW, Kmart, and Priceline in Australia). She also has her own blog: hellomyblueberries.wordpress.com

"First look with my newly acquired Anastasia Maya Mia Palette!" Posted by user 'pittpanthermua' to /r/MakeupAddiction. I love this tropical look, and everything is done so well. More photos are included in the post, and her product list can be found here. She also has her own blog: pittpanthermua.blogspot.com

Nail Art:

"Picked little chunks out of a makeup sponge. This was the result. I like it."  Posted by user 'NailArtaholic' to /r/RedditLaqueristas. So cute and creative!

"I unintentionally matched my nails to my lunch bag." Posted by user 'vinatero' to /r/RedditLaqueristas. These flowers are amazing! It's heading into spring here, so this would be the perfect look if I thought I could do it myself - unfortunately I think I need a lot more practice first. She says: "And this is not difficult to do, just paint nails white as a base, let dry, then use acrylic paints for all the detail work. Acrylic paints are so much more forgiving than regular nail polish since you can just wipe off with water if you make a mistake. Then let it all dry and topcoat. That's it" Also, be sure to check out her instagram: @vinatero.

"Trying not to spam you guys with my 31 Day Challenge manicures, but I'm so so proud of these violet watercolor wash nails!" Posted by user 'greedocity' to /r/RedditLaqueristas. She also has her own blog: www.chalkboardnails.com. Greedocity says: "I began by painting my nails white, and then I added a coat of quick dry topcoat to protect the base while I watercolored.
Using a palette made of tin foil and working one color at a time, I mixed the purples with acetone. I filled a larger nail art brush with the acetone and polish mixture, and then loosely dabbed it on to my nail. Then I filled the brush again, and used my finger to flick the bristles over my nail for the splatter effect." The polishes used are listed here.

"Did these for my friends superhero wedding! So much fun!" Posted by user 'BombDaBananas' to /r/RedditLaquaristas. These are amazing! I can only wish to be so talented. The closest I've managed was a Superman symbol (I changed the S to the first letter of my boyfriend's name) on top of cupcakes. BombDaBananas also has a blog: amazenails.com


"Purple hair don't care." Posted by user 'abcdefy' posted to /r/FancyFollicles. I love the subtle purple ombre. Doesn't she also have perfect wings? So pretty. According to the poster, she used Manic Panic's Ultra Violet and Mystic Heather to create the look.

"i was told you guys would like my pink hair :D" Posted by user 'ohadelaide' to /r/FancyFollicles. I absolutely adore this rosy pink shade, and would love to go that colour myself at some point. The poster says: "I mix Special Effects cotton candy pink (I've tried Manic Panic, but just fades waaay too fast), with about a 1:4 or 1:5 ratio, more on the conditioner side. Leave it in there for a few hours and it comes out baby pink!" There are also more photos of the hair and wedding in the comments of the post, which I recommend checking out!

"Ultra sparkly and bright turquoise with dark red look, for when you absolutely need your eyelids to scream color at people." Posted by user 'mentlegens' to /r/MakeupAddiction. While I adore both the makeup and the hair, I chose to include it in this section because the makeup one is much more full. Also, Isn't that such an awesome purple? She says: "I've had a few old pots of mixed dye lying around for a bit and I've forgotten what I put in the one I used. They're all by La Riche Directions and I think it was probably Lagoon Blue mixed with Turquoise, and then the tiniest bit of Purple and then made pastel with a pot of White Toner. Sorry this isn't more accurate!" Also, the makeup product list can be found here and there are more pictures included in the post. She has her own blog: http://miekeup.tumblr.com/

"[FOTD]For my cake day, here's today's fresh, pinky, first-day-of-grad-school look!" Posted by user 'scikillustrator' to /r/RandomActsofMakeup. I love this pastel green! I think I'm going to try for a similar shade to this next, as my hair is currently bright green and I still have a lot of dye (and some unopened pasteliser). Her makeup is also beautifully simple, and the pink lipstick goes really well with the pastel green hair. I'm also super jealous of those wings! Her makeup product list can be found here.

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