2 Oct 2014

Halloween Ideas: Modern Day Disney

Modern Day Disney:

There are multiple artists online who have done modern day designs of classic Disney princesses and other characters. I think this is a great, simple idea for a costume - and all the pieces of clothing can be worn again with other outfits! It's simplest to go with a character with similar hair and skin tone to you, or you can simply have  your version be a beautiful blonde Snow White or a gorgeous dark skinned Cinderella, its completely up to you. Just ensure you maintain the characters key colours, patterns, and other recognisable features - such as Snow White's red hair bow, or Rapunzel's very long hair.

For Example:

This cute picture is by user Joebasara on Deviant Art, and can be found here. I think its a great example of a modern day princess outfit. To start with, the red hair bow/head band is a must, as with keeping the general colour scheme - the royal/dark blue and yellow (with hints of red and white). But there is multiple ways to go about this - A cute blue dress or shirt with yellow tights or jeans is one way.  You could go for a cute yellow pencil skirt, or one that's flared, or even shorts. You could have a blue jacket over a red shirt, or have a red belt. If you want to add some colour and creativity to a simple blue top or dress, you could add red or white trim to the sleeves or hem (like this or this, for example), or if it's low cut like above, you could wear a lacy red or white singlet or crop top underneath so that it shows across the cleavage (like this sort of look) or add something like this to the neckline. Cute red shoes with an apple necklace or other accessory could complete the look.

This outfit found on Pinterest would also make a cute Snow White, if it had a redder hair bow.
Also, Scathingly Brilliant's brilliantly adorable Snow White inspired outfit.

Remember: you can tailor the outfit to your style, but be sure to keep enough key elements to ensure the costume is recognizable. If you are crafty, you can buy simple statement pieces and add extra features - like sleeves in another colour - or even make items of clothing yourself that are reminiscent of the princess or character of choice, but with a modern twist - such as a shorter skirt. You could also include another character - like Flounder if you are Ariel, or Mushu if you are Mulan - such as on a piece of jewelry, an iron or sew on patch, or even just carry around a cute toy version.

More Inspiration:
"Modern Day Princesses: Prom Addition" by Misses Dressy
"Fasion Princesses" Artwork by Viria13
"Modern Disney Girls" by Tinysnail
"Disney High" by Nina D Lux

Modern Day Anna from Frozen outfit
Tinkerbell inspired outfit by Scathingly Brilliant (Just add wings!)
Mulan inspired outfit by Scathingly Brilliant

Leggings like these would be great with a purple top or dress for Ariel!

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