9 Oct 2014

My Favourite Nail Art Posts of the Month from Reddit

I've decided to expand my favourite Reddit Beauty round up into multiple more specific posts - there is just so many cute manicures and makeup looks that everyone posts - all such great inspiration! So to begin with, these are my favourite nail art posts.
"Squirrel and Sparkles" by Manicurn_it

"Cherry blossoms on a French manicure gradient with a matte finish" by roflypenguingasm

Pretty Floral Nails by Stephsnails - for photos of the process or just because she's awesome, you should check out her blog!

True Blood Logo Nail Art by PiggieLuv. This is so amazingly detailed and awesome. I wish I was this talented. She also has a post about it on her blog, which you should totally check out :)

Awesome vampire fang nails by Kimberlykitty. These are such an awesome idea - especially with Halloween approaching. Kimberllykitty says "The black and white polishes are just plain Wet and Wild cream black and french white. The two middle fingers (and my thumb) have one layer of black topped with one layer of Kleancolor's Chunky Holo Scarlet. :-)"

This is another great manicure for Halloween -a dripping poison look by -Diet-Cokehead-. She says that "I used Nautilus You Say So by Different Dimension for the green and OPI's matte top coat over the black. The skull and crossbones is a nail vinyl from Lou it Yourself's Halloween set. Here's a link to her store http://louityourself.storenvy.com/ she has some really awesome designs" and also explained how she did the drips: "What I did was lay down the green color first and then top coat it and make sure it was completely dry. I then used a super fine black sharpie (this worked since I was using black as the background color) and drew out the outline for the drips. I wasn't happy with one of them so I took the sharpie off with rubbing alcohol and drew it again. Then it was just a matter of staying within the lines. I've also seen some tutorials where people use a dotting tool for the bottom of the drip and then connect the dot to the top part if that makes sense". She also has an instagram that you should check out. :)

This is a simpler but still fabulously adorable 1930s-esc manicure by atxlacquerista. Cedricsmiles also did a very similarly awesome look in red and white.

Awesomely fantastic Totoro nails by Kikidiwasabi. So well done, and so very cute. I'm a bit of a sucker for Studio Ghibli.

These super cute "Autumn Owls" are by Esperanza.

Sandwich bag galaxy nails by Panduuhh. I think they look like an exotic marbled stone. So pretty. She says: "Basically you put drops of nail polish on a sandwich baggy and fold the bag on top of the wet polish and smoosh it around a little bit to make the colors get to know each other and once its dry, you can peel it off like a sticker and apply it to your nail". She also has a tumblr full of nail art that you should check out.

"Blue sparkly mosaic mani" by DoctorCrafty. There are more pictures on her blog, which you should check out.

This cute Jupiter inspired nail art look is only one of a set of all nine planets in our solar system by PeanutMonkey. The post hyperlinked above includes all nine. She also has a blog called Pretty Girl Science (the planet series of blog posts can be found here).

This adorable floral mani is by adcherub. Her instagram is @bwlblogger.

"Fall Equinox Mani: Gradient Chevrons Inspired by Fall Leaves" by Missus_b. I love this, and also the inspired manicures by Publicidentity and Remalin. Missus_b listed the polishes she used here.

This absolutely adorable fox nail polish is by Felinewarrages. It was apparently inspired by One Nail To Rule Them All. Felinewarrages said: "I used Surprise I'm Drunk by Vapid Lacquer for the base, Rose Bowl by Cult for the fox color and flowers, bikini so teeny by Essie for the blue flowers, Alpine Snow by OPI for the white flowers, Mahima by Julep for the middle of the flowers, and last but not least is Innocent by Sinful Colors for the leaves. Topped it off with a matte coat, but a glossy top coat looks cute too!"

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