27 Oct 2014

Matte About Blue: Nails of the Week

So, I just love matte mixed with glitter and flakies. Regardless of the combination, it's almost always a hit with me. This week, I came across some super pretty Sinful Colors nail polish, and couldn't help but splurge. And then wasn't happy just wearing one of them.

I started with a base coat, and then used Sinful Colors Matte About Blue polish, which is pretty awesome on its own. So if you want a cute but simple and quick look, Matte About Blue over a base (no top coat) is a great way to go. It's a "Silk" matte and looks and feels really nice.

I followed Matte About Blue with a couple of coats of Pearl Harbor by Sinful Colors (show in the pictures). This is a really pretty duo-chrome glitter in a sheer base. The glitter shifts from blue to green, and is super pretty. The glitter applies thinner than I'd like, but otherwise I'm really happy with the polish.

To finish, I coated my nails with Etude House Help My Finger Matte Top Coat to make my nails matte again. I really like this matte polish - It works great and is pretty cheap. In comparison, the ELF matte top coat is the worst polish I've ever bought - I ended up just tossing it. I don't know if I just got a dodgy one, but it's not worth the risk to me to buy it again.

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